Working Groups

CHENS Working Groups (WG) may be directed by CHENS to develop work strands as required. The nations to chair each WG will be nominated by CHENS. WGs Chairs are accountable to CHENS Chair through the CPC Chair. Actually, there are 3 principal Working Groups and 2 Sub-groups.These WGs have produced a number of significant written papers that have achieved wide distribution across a spectrum of multi-national forums. In sum, these groups are consulted globally for advice and deliver real effect.

  • WS 1 - From traditional Roles to emerging Security challenges. How to adapt our Navies to a fast changing world” – Lead Italian Navy
  • WS 2 – “Partnering in the Mediterranean - Review of the various partnership initiatives across the Mediterranean: are European Navies doing enough to turn the Mediterranean into a bridge of constructive and mutual understanding between Europe and North Africa?” – Lead Hellenic Navy
  • WS 3 - “Controlling of maritime border with restricted resources” – Lead Croatian Navy
  • WS4 - “Exchanging experience on multinational MCM operations as the key to success in future cooperation” – Lead Polish Navy

1. Maritime Strategies Dialogue working group (MSD)

The aim of the MSD working group is to enhance dialogue between CHENS and US Navy, contributing to the US process of developing a Maritime Strategy through making available strategic views of the European navies. Similarly, it supports CHENS navies own strategic developments by comparing the US Maritime Strategy to the European strategic views. The group is also taking forward some work looking at the position and roles of European navies in the context of worldwide maritime activities.

2. Maritime Security Operations working group (MSO)

Within the CHENS endorsed Lines of Development, the MSO working group has been at the forefront of the development of a comprehensive European Interagency Strategy for Maritime Security Operations; that draws together and builds upon existing national and multi-national military and civilian initiatives thus increasing the awareness of interagency working and cooperation. The group also follows closely the continual development of Maritime Surveillance across Europe. The MSO working group is authorized to liaise with wider (non-military) bodies in pursuance of its purpose.

3. Maritime cooperation with Africa working group (MCA)

The goal of the MCA working group is to develop a maritime security initiative in order to promote the strategic importance of Africa and make recommendations to increase stability in this region. In support of this, the MCA working group is working in order to establish a complete overview of existing CHENS navy cooperation programs in Africa. The working group also provides proposals for coordination of these programs and activities towards a common objective, in order to fill in existing gaps and avoid duplication, and examine the scope for further activity. Additionally, this group is mandated to establish contact and liaise with other (international) organizations that are considered key players in the context of understanding and promoting the importance of maritime capacity building in Africa.